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CCTVs or Closed Circuit Televisions are a common sight today. You can see them on streets, in shopping malls and commercial places, gardens and amusement parks, apartments and office spaces, stations and airports, borders and remote areas. These cameras capture videos of movements in these areas keeping an eye on everyone and everything on the Earth!

What happens to all this data? Why is it collected? How is it useful to anyone?
This is where Video Analytics steps in. It works on a fixed algorithm which detects unusual or strange movements. Every area is expected to have certain expected movements. For example, children will play in the playground, vehicles will drive on the roads and follow traffic rules, people will wait in a queue at ticket counters, workers will work on machine sin industries, students will be in their classrooms. The list is endless.
However, when these norms are violated to any extent, the alarm bells ring! The people, authorities, organizations are alerted when a thief tries to break in, a car shoots the red signal, a person attempts to loot an ATM, an enemy tries to enter your nation. 
Though Video Analytics recognizes temporal and spatial events, it also measures unique video signals and performs security-related functions. The software contributes in a significant way and precisely manages volumes of data.
Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is expert in handling this data and giving you the best of Video Analytics Services.

How We Assist:

Security and Surveillance: Access control, Intrusion Detection, Motion detection
Transport Monitoring System: Vehicle traffic detection, Incidence detection, Pedestrian monitoring
Healthcare: Health status monitoring, Telemedicine, Surgical video analysis
Retail: Heat mapping, Customer service, reducing retail shrinkage
Beef up the security in your area, office, industry, or any other space. Leave the monitoring and analysis to them.

Benefits of  Video Analytics:

Facial recognition;
Emotion detection based on movement and gait;
Object detection (both objects that are taken and left behind);
Counting objects, such as cars or people; and
Creating detailed histories of traffic patterns.

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