Secured Wireless/ Wifi Campus Solution

When you buy a new phone and set it up, have you come across words like WPA and WEP? You often click on these to select as options without knowing the full meaning or implications of these terms. 

Think of another scenario, a very common one at that. You are outside your house, out of range of your home wifi. There are hundreds of places that offer you free wifi connections: college campuses, hotels, shops, offices, banks, railway stations and airports, hospitals, organizations, cabs and so on. You don’t think twice before connecting with these external wifi connections!

What about your friends and visitors connecting with your wifi connections in the safety of your house and office. Most homes today have high-speed internet connections with wireless routers giving to you mobility. You offer the wifi password to everyone without a blink of your eye. It’s the ‘in’ thing to do today! Think again before connecting your devices with these! Think of the terms WPA, WEP, etc.

These are measures to give your wireless internet and network connections a safety guard against malice and fraud. You need secure wireless networks for your data safety. This is where the services of top companies like Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. play their roles in securing your precious data from fraudsters.

How We Assist:


Intrusion Detection

Content Filtering


Data Encryption

Approach us for keeping your mobiles, laptops, tablets secure giving you the best protection against privacy from intruders. Try our encryption services as the most effective way to secure your network from intruders and unwanted people and save you from data theft, loss, and sabotage.

Benefits of Secured Wi-fi Solution:

Prevents free riders from stealing bandwidth

Prevents liability from the actions of others

Secured network resources

Improves network monitoring ability

Keep your homes, campuses, and offices safe.

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