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Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Smart Watches, Smart Cars are nothing new for you. Have you ever wondered how these work or how machines are able to connect with each other to make your life easier and more comfortable? The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE) are no longer strange terms in today’s world. You have several examples of these in your daily life which you use at home and office as well.

IoE is the bigger platform in which IoT is a part. IoE is based on four pillars of people, process, data, and things. It connects all these and stores data about their roles, behaviors, and takes intelligent and appropriate decisions. This network transforms information into actions on the basis of the data available. 
Where IoT connects mechanical machines, computing devices, digital machines, on one hand, it also connects day to day objects like speakers, clocks, watches, cameras, bells, etc on the other hand. It frames a biological system in which it connects these objects, machines, and physical gadgets. These machines and gadgets communicate with each other through a machine to machine communication system. The amazing thing is that no human intervention is needed to make these operate. They just talk to each other and perform all that you want them to.
How does a vending machine know which ticket to book for you or which grocery item to dispense for you at various outlets? What about the health apps and wearable gadgets that monitor your crucial parameters like the heart rate, oxygen level, steps you have walked, blood pressure?  IoT connects the local information like the steps you take, the rhythm at which your heart pumps blood, the breaths you take, and then connects to the ideal data available on other gadgets. This is one of the most commonly used examples worldwide these days.
Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps you to connect people and objects to spruce up your professional and personal life. 

How We Assist:

Transforming operations with AI
IoT data and edge computing
Unlock manufacturing data through IT/OT integration
Asset Optimization
Industry Performance Diagnostics
Get in touch for anything and everything to do with this amazing network and get going in life.

Benefits of IoT/IoE Implementation Service:

Efficient resource utilization
Minimize human effort
Saves time
Enhance Data Collection
Improve security
Privacy & Complexity

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