Cyber Security Audit

Can you ever think of now going back to a world without the internet, online shopping, net banking, online education, and health care among many other contemporary happenings in our life? 

The answer is unanimous NO. Yet, we face cyber security issues that largely loom over us. Innovative hackers are always updated on new ways to commit fraud on your data, your accounts, your personal information, and your industry secrets. Government and private organizations need protection for their files, national security information, patents to products and services etc. Individuals need this security for their private information. It is vital to deal with the risk of cyber security which threatens financial losses and even reputational harm.
The technology and networking experts at Madman Technologies use artificial intelligence combined with our manual efforts to conduct Cyber Security Audits for your platforms. 

How We Assist:

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)
Network Devices Configuration
DNS Filtering
Firewalls & Antivirus
Payment Manipulation Testing
Server Infrastructure Testing
Patch up vulnerabilities

We provide solutions for Phishing, Hacking, Social Engineering, Ransomware, Malware, Viruses, and other threats to your data. We work purely on the basis of customer satisfaction and offer you tailor-made solutions, services, and products. We identify the vulnerabilities on any ongoing dashboards and provide 100% proficiency to them. We are ready and equipped with tools, processes, methodologies, and other practices to protect your devices, data, networks, hardware, and programs from any cyber threats.

Be alert, be safe, and be proactive in your approach. Make a move in time to secure your information.

Benefits of Cyber Security Audit:

It identifies vulnerable points and problem areas.
It evaluates the flow of data within your business.
It delivers an in-depth analysis of your internal and external IT practices and system.
Secure configuration for hardware and software on mobile devices, laptops, workstations, and servers.

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