AV Room Design

What is an AV Room? A spot to team up? A place to team up with remote team members? A place to introduce PowerPoint slides? While the correct answer to possible maybe all of the above.  None of these functions would happen without the proper design and configuration of the space.  Technology Integration and the actual room environment are fundamental contemplations when designing an optimal meeting space. 

AV room works with the latest technologies with flawless implementations of technology solutions. You can control the room's entire peripherals, starting from display to audio, biometrics, furniture, lighting, sound, and the selection of the right technologies will eventually come together.

Approach us at Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to team up with close friends or remote members, clients and prospective clients, flash power point slides, and much more. We will design and configure the space for you optimally with technology integration and the actual room environment.

How We Assist:

Check that the actual room dimensions are suitable for needed AV setup

Note any space obstructions that may interfere with the setup

Review AV placement as it relates to event traffic flow

Test any adjustable house lighting in each room

Confirm high-speed Internet access, if applicable

Confirm broadband width, satellite capabilities, etc.

Microphone availability, capabilities, and types

House sound system, if any, and capabilities

Display screen availability and quantity depending on room size

Allow us to blend style with aesthetics with our imaginative minds and expert knowledge of technology for a mind blowing interaction each and every time.

Benefits of AV Room Design:

HD Audio & Video Conferencing

Interactive panel displays

Lighting design and control

Boardroom automation

Digital signage / IPTV

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