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Businesses today run and flourish because of the data that they store about their products, services, and clients. They gather information about the needs and wants of their clients, analyze this data, and then strategize about their business development. This is not restricted to business houses, but to service providers, students, housewives, just about everyone. But this data is so huge that it becomes cumbersome to store it locally on machines. It eats up the storage memory leaving little space for anything more. It is also a constant stressor to filter, sort, and delete unwanted data.

Do you also face a similar problem of running out of storage space on your computers and phones? It’s time to use the Cloud Services and DC Migration technology available today. What better way to save your precious data in a safe place from where you can use and retrieve it any time you like, without eating up the memory in your local devices?

The Cloud Services and DC Migration technologies help you to store your important data in a cloud or so to say, a distant server. These clouds or services are connected through a series of networks and allow you to access the information from anywhere and from any device. You need not carry your laptop, tablet, or an external hard disk for that matter. Access the data at your convenience. You use these services on a daily basis, for example, your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

These servers collect your data and keep backups at all times. Thus, it is safe from being accidentally erased from your personal machines. Additionally, this technology allows multiple users to access the data at the same time. This makes work easier and quicker.

Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. helps to give you this real-time experience of handling your data from any remote corner of the world.

How We Assist:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) : Networking & Storage Resources

Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) : Platform where Applications can run

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) : Cloud Platform

Private & Public Clouds

Hybrid & Multi Clouds

Try the various domains of Cloud Computing and DC Migration Services like the Public, the Private, the Hybrid, and the Community. Get in touch for Iaas, Paas, Saas, and Storage services and leave your data storage and security issues to us.

Benefits of Cloud Services & DC Migrations:

Cost Savings




Increased Collaboration

Quality Control

Disaster Recovery

Loss Prevention

Automatic Software Updates

Competitive Edge


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