Network Security

You need no introduction to the network and the importance of its security. Each time you do a bank transaction or save your personal photos and data on your devices, you feel the fear whether it’s a secure site or event or not. It's important to have a system that allows you the freedom of mind to transact and store as you wish. You may have crucial, patented, emergent information in your files too. Or do you run an office where you have several devices connected with one another as it's required to run your business, but you always have the fear of data leaking into wrong hands, being misused, or even altered to affect your work and security?

Look no further for solutions to your mental worries about network security. Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here to take your worries away.

Network Security Services are the actions designed to protect the convenience and integrity of the network and data. It incorporates both hardware and software technologies.

How We Assist:

Access control

Identification & authentication

Malware detection

Data encryption 

URL filtering and Content filtering

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS)

TLS/SSL acceleration on the server-side

Firewalls & Antivirus

These solutions will prevent your networks from malicious activities like unauthorized access to your data, its misuse, and even modification by unwanted parties.

Benefits of Network Security:

Mitigates risk

Protects proprietary information 

Prevents cyber attack

Denies Spyware

Increased Productivity

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