Telepresence: Feel the reality - Madman Technologies

Telepresence: Feel the reality - Madman Technologies

Telepresence is a type of modern technology that combines audio and video from several locations and used for communicating information in real-time over all dimensions. Essentially, Telepresence systems come with HD cameras with controls, microphones, monitors, and surround speakers. The system makes use of technology to deliver high-definition video and audio streaming. The ultimate result is that participants can feel one other’s presence, giving the impression of genuine interactions. Simply, we can say that the telepresence is a way advanced version of video conferencing. With the use of telepresence, you are not limited to a simple video conference call since the operator can control of what he or she sees.

When it comes to the advantages of this technology, it reduces travel time, lowers carbon footprint and environmental effect, and promotes employee work-life balance and productivity.

Telepresence is being used by people from many sorts of sectors. Educational institutions, corporate offices, defense, hospitals, company warehouses, and others are all looking for ways to benefit from telepresence advancements.

· In defense, this system allows surgeons to operate injured soldiers on the battlefield from a safe distance. Also virtual training and meetings take place with the help of Telepresence.

· In addition to providing surgeons with a more effective means of advising their peers during an operation, telepresence robots also allow physicians to conveniently make rounds or monitor patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital, and experts to eliminate travel times in extreme situations such as the aftermath of a stroke.

· Teachers get professional development via telepresence and students are also having interactive learning sessions. Telepresence has the potential to make the learning and training approach more realistic.

· Telepresence meetings at business meetings allow all participants to share the presentation, discuss ideas, and express themselves face to face. It also makes the hiring process easier and faster.

It is gaining popularity as their potential is being explored, and will keep advancing as per the need of current or future scenario.

If you’re considering the installation of a telepresence system, contact Madman Technologies at for more information on the most up-to-date integrated solutions for your needs. Madman also has a team of audiovisual integration system experts that may help you with various other options.

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