How Internet Of Everything is gonna change EVERYTHING

How Internet Of Everything is gonna change EVERYTHING

The IoE or Internet of Everything is definitely here to change everything in the world. Where now the internet network is needed to connect people with things or machines, the IoE is a revolution in itself. 

It is a network which connects people, processes, and data with just about everything in the world. It works on physical aspects and joins together objects like speaker systems, clocks, light, vending machines, security systems, monitors etc. Each of these objects on the network has a unique identification.

IoT has already changed the user interface at airports and stations. For example, it connects the tickets, the tickets office, the train ticket examiner, the engine driver, the announcer at the station, the speakers, etc. All the data is fed into the systems and so are the processes.

Since the IoT needs no humans to actually operate the devices or computers, this is going to change everything in the future. It can store huge amount of data and processes and keeps adding to it. It will save precious human resources and time. IoT will also enhance and improve speeds in finance and business.

Data analysis will be faster and more accurate. It will find its way into each household as well. In fact, there are already smart watches, health monitors, security sensors in the markets. One of the commonest examples is Alexa and Siri who do as you command. 

It’s definitely going to change the way you and I think and work in the future. Read more...

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