Machine Learning,- The next big thing

Machine Learning,- The next big thing

Machine Learning is the next big thing to happen in the world. It scientifically studies the computer systems and their use of algorithms as well as statistics. Computer need to use these both to perform tasks with the minimum extra instructions given to it. The computer systems should be able to intelligently use various patterns and inferences and perform these tasks. When a task is assigned to a computer, the system programs should be able to perform on their own. Thus, outside interference in terms of directions and instructions is minimal.

Machine Learning focuses on developing computer programs which can access data and improve upon their own programs and learning. In simple terms, it is the machine finding methods to learn by itself, for itself. The computer programs work towards improving their independent working with minimum instructions needed. 

This kind of learning uses application of Artificial Intelligence. Computer systems and programs learn from their experiences and automatically strive to improve themselves. There is very little or no need for any human intervention or support in machine learning.

There are many kinds of machine learning methods like the supervised, the unsupervised, the semi-supervised, and the reinforcement.

In the supervised learning, as the name suggests, algorithms predict future events by applying their past knowledge for particular labels or classified data. They analyze the data, make inferences from it, and make future predictions. These algorithms can find errors in the outputs by comparing the correct and intended outputs.

In the unsupervised learning, the algorithms use data which is neither classified nor labeled. In this, it is studied how computer systems take out any hidden or unknown structure from unlabeled data. It can explore the data and make inferences. But, it cannot predict the output.

The semi-supervised methods can use both labeled and unlabeled data. Usually, very less of the labeled data is used in comparison with the labeled data. The learning accuracy is very high is this method. When skilled and relevant sources are needed for training, this method is used.

The reinforcement method of learning is interactive. It can identify errors and also rewards correct actions. There is scope for trials, looking out for errors, as well as giving delayed rewards for correct outputs. Reward is in the form of simple feedbacks. These are called reinforcement signals. In this learning, the computer systems can automatically know how to ideally behave in a particular situation or task. It also allows them to thereby improve by themselves.

Machine learning is here to bring about major transformations in the world of banking, insurance, defense intelligence, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and medical sciences, media, publishing, public administration and many more. 

By touching upon these fields and many more, the use of data and information will be revolutionized. Not only will access to data, its analysis, and application will be faster, it will be more accurate and safe. Machine learning will make dealing with huge volumes of data much simpler and effective too. It’s here to stay!

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