5G Technology and adoption - How will it bring change in our life?

5G Technology and adoption - How will it bring change in our life?

Technology has revolutionized the way the world functions today. It is here to stay and only sees improvements as years pass by. Everything seems to be digitized today from banking to commerce, from education to entertainment, and from governance to management.

Everyone is used to working online, shopping online, and finding out information online etc. Work and processes have speeded up. With so much to do, people don’t have time to waste and want things to go faster. They want sites to open on just the click of the button.

With the 5G or the fifth generation of wireless technology coming along its way, digital networks are going to work even faster than before. This generation of mobile wireless systems will speed up sending and receiving data faster than before.

The USP of this is that all this will happen without you having to plug in devices anywhere. The 5G technology will also increase the life of batteries in your devices as processing data will take less time.

5G technology will be adopted for a better precision of data processing. It will use higher frequency radio waves which will be more directed and precise. This in turn will help in saving power, time, and energy for sending and receiving data all over the world. As a result of this, there will be stronger access to the internet.

5G will give super speeds up to 100 gigabits per second. In comparison with the present 4G technology, this will be 100 times faster than it. 5G technology will also be able to handle any issues with bandwidths. It will use millimeter wave bands like 26, 28, 38, and 60 GHz.

Due to more reliable and faster connections, it will also boost up the levels of Internet of Things or IoT and Internet of Everything or IoE.

 Many cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Dallas etc in the US should be the first ones getting to use this technology this year. South Korea vies to be the first country to use this high speed technology with two of its telecom companies bidding for it.

Soon the 5G phones will launch to give super speed and an awesome processing experience. Even though these phones will come in with 5G, the Wi-Fi mobiles and other devices will continue to grow.

Over a period of time, the 5G network will become SA or standalone. It will not require any 4G networks. Yet, the 4G technology will increase its speed too.

The cell towers or the telecommunication sites needed by 5G technology are to be built very close to one another. With only about 500 feet distance between two towers and their antennas, the placements will boost wireless signals many times.

With advantages of the 5G technology, there also come along some areas of concern in the health sector. Since the speed will be super speed, radiation risks might increase causing symptoms like sweating, cataracts, cancer, infertility, retinal damage.

Optimum use of this technology will go a long way in boosting, economy, health care sectors among others as well. 

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