What is Digital Twin Technology?

What is Digital Twin Technology?

According to its definition, digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity, product, or service. With the help of a bridge like a sensor between the physical and the virtual world, data is transmitted seamlessly between them. This allows the virtual entity to exist simultaneously with the physical entity.

This Digital Twin technology is largely used by scientists and Information Technology professionals to manage the physical entity with the help of its digital twin and vice versa. They are using it to give to you the world of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. They are also using it for data analytics.

The technology is used to create digital entities before creating or manufacturing the physical ones. This helps to monitor, analyze, and thereby improve products before actually building them physically. This field of computer engineering has set in to revolutionize the world of products, services, and processes.

Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading company which offers all technology solutions to you, is delving well into these technologies. They are gearing up to give to you solution services and implementations in Digital twins.

They understand the importance of this concept in the world of technology today. The products and equipment thus created using the Digital Twins concept are more reliable and sturdy. There are hardly any chances of defective manufacturing and at the same time reduced costs and time for manufacturing products, services, and processes.

Due to the interactive visual interface between the twins, it becomes very easy to monitor the working of the product. This also leads to better and easier maintenance too. The changes and improvements needed are directly fed into the system and thus tested for improved performances. Thus, this helps to optimize the operations and maintenance of various systems, assets, as well as processes involved in manufacturing.

With the Digital Twins in place, training of the physical one becomes simpler and more effective. This is because it is very easy to communicate instructions to the physical one by feeding inputs into the digital counterpart. With constant and easy monitoring it becomes very easy to plan out the strategy towards the output of the product, service, or process. You can get the desired results because you know you can control the physical twin by working on the digital one.

The technology company Madman Technologies is studying the different types of Digital twins. The DTP or the Digital Twin Prototype is the first step and deals with the designs, analyses, and the processes before making a digital product. DTI or the Digital twin Instance is one example of each product after manufacture. While the DTA or the Digital Twin Aggregate is the data or information bank of the DTIs. This data can be used to study the physical product, make prognostic analysis and thereby learn from it. It is used for improvements and changes for better outcomes.

Digital Twins help to save on costs, man hours, as well as man power and leave little or no scope of defects and errors in products. 

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