Touch Commerce - Everything you need to know

Touch Commerce - Everything you need to know

Consumer needs have gone far beyond the basic necessities of life. With the convenience and availability of a plethora of items on line and offline, consumers now want better shopping experiences too. They want to transact the way they want and that too with simplified processes.

All small and big enterprises and businesses have realized this need and have made many efforts to give the best to the customers. Customer services have grown and improved globally. There is more of digital interaction through numerous social platforms, websites, mobile services etc. 

Touch Commerce has worked towards customer satisfaction in a big way. It is working to make customers get the best of shopping experiences from the comfort of their homes and places of their choice.  It is giving them the freedom to choose, interact with the commerce, chat on the websites, and pay they way they want. The third party interaction and interference has become so much easier and faster with this technology service.

Touch Commerce in collaboration with Nuance’s Enterprise Business, is giving the customers this platform where customers are engaged from end to end with all the assistance they need to purchase and transact. As a result, businesses are growing with more and more satisfied customers. There is tremendous increase in revenues and decrease in support costs for businesses.

It helps customers to transact safely and securely on any merchant website or app. It is secure because no details of registration or log in data are needed for the merchant and payment providers. Commerce happens through touch: fingerprint or other touches on the device screen. It reduces time as there is no need to type and enter details.

One type of OS uses the pre fed customer information like address and payment option details. Fingerprint touch works very well here. On the other side, the third party connects with the payment services. Details here too are pre entered. Just a touch of a button here and there and shopping is done.

This technology service offers business solutions and support through these:

Online chats

Personalized content


Automated tools

A well known in technology services, Added Madman Technologies, is already into this area with their backend support and seamless experiences.

Touch commerce knows that people prefer to shop on their mobiles than on websites of merchants due to faster checkouts. There is lot less of typing and feeding in of data. This is what customers want today.

This technology is here to stay and grow exponentially in the years to come. It will improve and shopping experiences will become smoother and more pleasurable for customers; as well as more profitable and easier for businesses to sell their products and services. 

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