Audit Services — Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Audit Services — Madman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The inspection and assessment of an organization’s information technology infrastructure, policies, and operations is known as an IT audit. IT audits evaluate if corporate assets are protected, data integrity is maintained, and IT policies are aligned with the broader goals of the organization.

IT audit is appropriate for any business that wants to risk analyze its present information assets against established information technology and information security best practices. It also identifies what data integrity, client and server improvements, as well as control and procedural changes, they can apply to make their technological infrastructure more safe.

Effective IT auditing may assist firms in not just improving internal controls and security, but also in meeting the goals and objectives of their IT systems and applications. IT auditors look at not only physical security measures but also comprehensive business and financial controls involving information technology systems.

Auditors provide the following services:

· IT audit outsourcing and co-sourcing,

· Covering all IT operational and business risk

· Assessments and penetration testing

· Scanners for internal and external networks

· Risk Assessments for Social Engineering

· Assessments of the Privacy Impact (PIA)

· PCI Readiness Evaluations

· Assessments of Security

· Audits of information technology

· Documentation for external auditor relationship management

The audit services provided by Madman Technologies assist firms in understanding their primary technological risks and how well they are mitigating and controlling those risks. The team aids with on-site talks, observations, and issue revalidation. They offer professional advice and solutions by analyzing reports.

Auditing Services can assist you:

  • Demonstrating how IT assets and IT resources can provide additional quality opportunities for business
  • The feasibility and benefits of implementing new digital world technologies and approaches (such as business digitalization, migration to cloud and hybrid environments, and automation of business processes)
  • How IT assets and IT resources can provide additional quality opportunities for business
  • Determining how to maximize the utilization of the company’s current IT capabilities, hence lowering costs while executing large-scale changes
  • Lowering the cost of information system maintenance and ownership
  • Identifying and describing the vulnerabilities in the field of information security, as well as eliminating or reducing them.

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